The Elfin Heritage Centre opens with a Bang

The Elfin Heritage Centre was officially opened on Thursday 16th August 2007. A plaque dedicating the Centre to the founder of Elfin Sports Cars, Garrie Cooper, was unveiled by his wife, Lorraine Cooper who is also the patron of The Elfin Owners And Drivers Club.

More than 375 enthusiasts attended the Elfin Heritage Centre celebration evening and there were apologies from other Elfin luminaries who couldn’t make it, including John Bowe, Neil Allen and Bryan Thomson.

Brian “Brique” Reed, EODC President, fulfilled MC duties and introduced short speeches which emphasized the importance of the Heritage Centre as a home for the Elfin Owners and Drivers Club. Most importantly, the Elfin Heritage Centre will act as a permanent memorial to the fabulous achievements of Garrie Cooper.

Many important pieces of Elfin memorabilia had already been provided to the Heritage Centre. On the night, more were presented, including photos, trophies and Garrie’s old Ansett Team Elfin driving suit.

The Elfin Heritage Centre boasted 24 Elfins on display, including Garrie’s first (Cooper Austin) and last (MR9 F5000) race cars, plus the prototype of his planned Formula Vee based road sports car.

The Centre would like to thank all those who contributed to a fantastic evening. There were visitors from every state of Australia. Special thanks go to those who presented the very special displays, including: Peter Griffin (MR9), John Hazelden (Cooper Austin), Paul Trevethan (MR6), Ian Ross (600C), John Anderson (Cooper Butler), Max McPherson (Formula Junior), Tim Dash (600B), Graham Hoinville (Mono), Peter Mattews (Formula Vee), Elfin Sports Cars (MR8 Streamliner), Glen Bishop (S/charged 7), Rob Richards (C3 Clubman prototype), Bill Hemming (MR8, 400, 300, Streamliner, Clubman, VW Road Car, NG Vee, 600FF, Aero, C3, MR8) and Pete Ffrench (Streamliner restoration project).

Further thanks to suppliers of invaluable memorabilia from: Lorraine Cooper, Brique Reed, Roger James, Jack Hunnam, Stan Keen, Ian Pope, Alan Hamilton, Bryan Thomson, Peter Fowler, Haam Largaij and Lloyd Shaw.

It is intended to maintain a changing display of vehicles and a growing list of important memorabilia as items become available.

The Elfin Heritage Centre ...