The Elfin Heritage Centre is storing and supplying many genuine factory replacement parts on behalf of the Elfin Owners and Drivers Club. These parts are reproduced from the original Elfin factory moulds and jigs which are available courtesy of Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd.

For availability and prices contact Pete Ffrench or Bill Hemming on

Parts are supplied on a “cost plus handling fee” basis and 50% deposit will be required prior to manufacture with the balance prior to delivery. NB. Freight or pick up is to arranged by the customer.

Unfortunately, not all origination parts are available for every requirement, and in some cases it may take several weeks of searching to find a suitable supply. We are constantly updating the register of available parts, including those from privately held moulds and suppliers that have been developed over the years. If you are aware of such suppliers, we would appreciate any information to pass on to interested parties.

Please note that it is the policy of Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd, The Elfin Owners and Drivers Club Inc and The Elfin Heritage Centre that any parts supplied can only be applied/used on genuine Elfin vehicles (no replicas/duplicates) and as such, proof of vehicle identity may be required prior to supply. Further, any jigs or moulds cannot be provided for customer use, parts only will be supplied.


The Elfin Heritage Centre, The Elfin Owners and Drivers Club Inc and Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd ABN 53 007 233 212 provide no assertion or undertaking in relation to the quality, performance, characteristics, suitability or fitness for the purpose of the parts supplied. As the parts are intended for racing there is no warranty. Parts supplied for historic Elfin sports cars may be manufactured using somewhat unproven and very old design technology, as such you should seek independent Engineering advice in respect to their suitability for your intended purpose.

We will use our best endeavours to ensure that parts manufactured are of a suitable standard, using accredited suppliers where applicable, however we accept no responsibility whatsoever for the reliability, quality, integrity or safety of the parts.

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